Briefings #5 – Our M3W is finally on the road!

30th of January, 2020

The Christmas Holidays are finished and we’re back in Madrid. Since beginning of January all the paperwork is done and our 3-Wheeler is ready to hit the road!

Waiting for us

But we first have to contract an insurance, or we won’t be allowed to take it out of the showroom! It should be an easy task, but we quickly discover it’s not… In Spain, only two insurance companies have the Morgan 3-Wheeler in their data base, but they have the old EU3 version. Our new one, the EU4, has different power output, so they need to upload the “new” EU4 version to their system. It takes them ten days – YES TEN DAYS! – to do such a simple task.

Anxious to get the car out of the garage, we call other companies to check if they want to upload the model, but we’re surprised they don’t. The funniest answer was “We don’t even know if it’s a motorcycle or a car! It’s beautiful but too weird! A little scary!”. The Morgan 3-Wheeler is definetely a rare specimen…

Finally, January the 30th, we head to the dealer’s large garage where the Morgan is awaiting us.

In the back of garage we spot another 3-Wheeler. The typical RAF mate green with the shark and the tan leather. One of the early units. We learn then, talking to the garage manager, that there are no more than ten or eleven 3-Wheelers in the whole country!

Classic configuration! One of the early units.

We do a short briefing to the dealer. Yes, you’re reading right: we teach him many things about the car he doesn’t know. Not the other way round! Again, the forum Talk Morgan is an amazing source of information!

We finally get into the little rocket, escorted by a beautiful Maserati GT, a Quattroporte and a nice DB9 Aston Martin, and start the V-Twin.

Drive it in style!

We make our way to the streets, with the beautiful and reasonably loud roar of the S&S engine. Madrid is a big city, so we’re immerged in a relatively dense traffic. It’s not the same driving here than in Malvern… People look at us with intense curiosity and surprise. But again, the common reaction is a smile and thumbs up.

We’re shy persons, not at all show-off style, but despite having everyone looking at you we feel really happy because the 3-Wheeler does not provoke negative looks or reactions. Totally the opposite.

On our way home, we make a short stop to show it to a good friend of us.

After a little more than half an hour drive, we’re finally home; safe and parked in our garage.

Finally at its new home.
In the garage, finally home.

This first short trip was really exciting!

Now it’s time to plan plenty of “missions” with the dream machine!

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