Hangar works #4 – Helmets & intercoms

In Spain, the Morgan 3-Wheeler is classified as a tricycle. This category is slightly different from the three-wheeled motorcycles. And one of the pros of tricycles is that it’s not mandatory to wear a helmet when you drive it.

So, wearing nice sunglasses or goggles is good enough to drive the little rocket. However, we decided wearing a helmet when we’ll drive on motorways or open roads.

There is an interesting debate in the Talk Morgan forum about this. Pilots are quite divided. In few countries it’s mandatory, but generally it’s not. So, unless you live in one of those few countries where the helmet is mandatory, it’s really a personal choice.

And ours is to wear a helmet. Because of the following reasons.

The first reason is related to a niche of the Mexican gastronomy. In Spain, during the spring and summer warm months, squadrons of insects gather on the sides of the road and wait for the most unprotected fellow to pass by, to cross right in his face. The idea of eating raw grasshoppers, beetles and bugs is not precisely glamorous. If at least they were pan-fried and with Tabasco sauce! Not a chance we’ll like the experience…

The second reason is related to safety. And it’s about the objects that the vehicles preceeding you can lift from the asphalt. We still remember how the windshield of our Jag got hit by a big stone that falled from a truck in front of us, with the consequent crack. I can’t imagine if this stone would have hit our bare heads. And if it’s the one at the steering wheel who takes the hit, the consequences can be catastrophic.

So, jokes apart, safety first: we decided to wear helmets when driving on open roads.

We wanted a jet-type helmet, with a large visor that would cover down to our chin, with a vintage look, and of course with high safety standards. Our choice was the Nexx Groovy x70, in matt black colour with brown leather. And we love it!

Nexx Groovy x70 in matt black and brown leather.

The leather and chromed details are really classy, and the helmet fits really comfortable.

A nice extra feature that we highly appreciate is that it comes with a second sun visor. Really practical.

The sun visor is hidden inside the helmet.

We also decided to install intercoms. Without them, talking to each other driving the 3-Wheeler, helmets on, wouldn’t be possible. And the intercoms also allow us to reply to phone calls, listen to the GPS indications and listen to music.

The intercoms installation is relatevely simple, and they are quite discreet, with its main unit removable. We keep them in a little brown leather bag. Practical, elegant and discreet.

About the intercoms, we looked long and patiently in the Internet to find the most adequate for the purpose. We were convinced by the following brand: Cardo. They seem to manufacture very high quality intercoms and, according to the reviews we’ve read, they have an excellent sound, with JBL speakers, and voice quality.

They offer many different models. Their best one, the PackTalk Bold, differs from the rest of the range because it has the new Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) that alows you to communicate with 15 drivers simultaneously. But we thought: how many other drivers will travel with us, wearing helmet, with intercom, and with DMC technology? The chances of this happening are too low to justify the price of this top of the range intercom. So, we chose the next model below, the Freecom4+. Same features but the DMC, and 100 € less each (so a total savings of 200 €).

Our choice was the Cardo Freecom4+ intercom.

We have used our helmets in two occasions now. For short drives, and in fast roads. And we have to admit that they are really comfortable and the intercoms work perfectly.

Ready to run!

If you’re thinking about buying a helmet and intercoms for your 3-Wheeler, this combo of the Nexx Groovy x70 with the Cardo Freecom4+ intercoms is a winner!

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