Fighters and bombers #1 – The Morgan 3-Wheeler

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the “fighter” this blog is based on. An amazing handcrafted machine, made in Pickersleigh Road, Malvern, United Kingdom, by the Morgan Motor Company.

Our 2020 Morgan 3-Wheeler

The Morgan Motor Company was founded in 1909 by Henry Fredrick Stanley Morgan. The success of the MMC was based on the manufacture of three wheelers. It was not until 1936 that the first four wheeled 4/4 Morgan was presented. MMC ended the production of three wheelers in 1952.

If you want to know more details about the history of the company, this is the link you have to click on:

And if you want to know more details about the Morgan 3-Wheelers history, there is not a better place than the Morgan Three Wheeler Club web page:

It was in 2011, 60 years after stopping the production of their three wheelers, that Morgan Motor Company presented a new version of their iconic 3-Wheeler: the so called 5-Speeder. And what a vehicle! The new modern 3-Wheeler has a S&S V-Twin 2 liters engine, coupled to a Mazda MX5 five speeds gearbox (that’s why it’s named the “5-Speeder”).

The latest version EU4 which is the one that Ana María and I bought, gives you “only” 68 bhp. But this power combined with the amazing torque of the massive V-Twin and a light weight of 585 kg converts this vehicle into a real little rocket, claiming a performance of 7 s for the 0-100 km/h and a top speed of 185 km/h. Little modifications make it even faster! Just imagine what the EU3 models with 82 bhp and the early ones with more than 100 bhp can do!

The car is quite compact, with just 3 260 mm length, 1 738 mm width and 1 012 mm height.

Morgan 3-Wheeler dimensions (5-Speeder)

Our model is one of the latest as we write these lines:  a 2020 model delivered January the 30th this year.

This is how it looked when we configured it the MMC car creator.


  • Morgan Sport Green (solid)


  • Decals – danger afterburn sticker in white
  • Decals – RAF inspired MOG logo
  • Decals – centre stripe detail lines in white
  • Mohair tonneau (mid brown colour)
  • Union Jack bonnet badges, coloured


  • Quilted leather stitching
  • Leather storage pockets
  • New dashboard design (aka “heritage dashboard”) with TAWNY wooden panels
  • XT waterproof leather (mid brown colour)
  • Heated seats


  • Rear mudguard


  • Under bonnet storage box
  • Headlight mesh
  • EU3 appearance pack (Ride height lowering kit + replacement of light tidy & mirrors kit + removal of intake piping kit)
  • Luggage rack

And this is the result when it arrived at the dealer’s showroom in Madrid.

Our M3W days before getting its plates on.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is the “fighter” we base our blog on. We will describe the modifications and works done on the vehicle in our “Hangar works” section, and tell you about our trips, being the short ones our “Short fighter missions” and the long journeys far away from our home base the “Long range campaigns”.

Delivery moment! January 30th 2020.

We really hope you will enjoy the blog!

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