Briefings #1 – First contact with the Morgan

April 2019.

So, I’m in love with the 3-Wheeler. What a lovely machine! It looks so nice in the pictures! But how would it be like live? Is it too small for a 1,80 m tall driver? How do you adjust the driver’s position? How does it drive? I can’t stop looking at the pictures and videos on the Internet.

I decide to go to the Morgan dealer here in Madrid. A beautiful showroom filled with Maseratis and Aston Martins, but just a lonely +4.

The starry-eyed-surprise face of the seller when I ask about the 3-Wheeler makes me wonder if I’m a little bit insane. Is AM right about my idea of buying a 3-Wheeler? Am I crazy?

He has none to show but is expecting one for the showroom within next weeks. Good news! I’ll see one live soon, and then check my mental health!

I ask why he hasn’t more Morgans in the showroom. Is it because he sells them so fast? This face again… Then, I realize how rare Morgans are… And even more in Spain!

One week later he calls me back: the 3-Wheeler has just arrived.

This time we go together to the dealer showroom. I’m more concerned about AM’s reaction than about the car itself! I hope she likes it!

There it is: a grey colour one with orange trim. With the Euro3 appearance specification and vintage bonnet catches. Amazing… Definetely not the colour combination we would choose, but stunning from every angle. We both fall in love immediately with the little rocket.

And we both fit in, together! AM’s smile is truly fantastic. Confirmed:  she’s as much a petrolhead as me! She’s not thinking anymore this is a silly idea…

Now it’s time for the second phase! Let’s drive one!

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