Briefings #2 – Test drive in Malvern

17th of April, 2019

After totally falling in love with the 3-Wheeler when we saw it at the dealer’s showroom in Madrid, we decided to do a trip to Malvern, visit the Morgan Motor Company, and hire a whole morning one of their demonstration 3-Wheelers to feel the drive.

So here we are. It’s Friday, and we’re about to jump in a red 3-Wheeler.

The parking is packed with different Morgan models! And we’re lucky to see four classic 3-Wheelers parked just in front of the entrance. It’s fantastic to see the resemblance of the new 5-speeder with the old models.

After a short briefing of the main characteristics of the car, we jump in and fasten the seat belts easier than expected. Then we push the bomb button and… what a sensational sound! We haven’t moved yet and we’re already giggling!

I’m the first one behind the steering wheel. Take the car out of the MMC facilities and head to the Malvern Hills… OMG what a torque! The car pushes really hard accompanied with a fantastic symphony from the exhausts.

The vibes that the V-twin produces are not just of mechanical type. We both receive incredible emotional vibes. And they seem to be contagious to all of those we drive by!  Smiles and thumbs up appear to be a direct effect on pedestrians and drivers.

After one-hour driving, we stop for a short break at a nice-looking pub, up in the hills. We exchange our first impressions. We’re so excited with the car! The drive is much smoother than we both expected. We’re comfortable in, and after this first hour we’re not tired at all.

Now it’s AM’s turn to drive the rocket. She’s normally a fast driver. But I think that the fact that the 3-Wheeler has a manual gearbox, and she’ll drive on the left side of the road, might not reassure her. On the top of that, this 3-Wheeler can fit in her huge 1988 V8 automatic Range Rover Classic!

I could not have been more wrong! She pushes the car furiously and with incredible precision. Her face is a poem. Smiling, laughing, giggling nervously… fantastic drive!

She can’t be happier with the car. The deal is done! We’re both convinced we must buy one!

After a couple of long hours enjoying the Malvern Hills, we’re back to the parking at the Morgan Motor Company. Now it’s time to sit again at the driver’s seat and take for a ride some members of the family, who came over with us for this trip to Malvern and the Cotswolds!

About to “take off” with my father.
Engineers conversation
Engineers conversation

What a wonderful day! And all at MMC have been so incredibly kind to us. We are totally “Morganized”.

Now it’s time for the third phase! Let’s order one!

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