Fighters and bombers #5 – The Land Rover Defender

  • Model – Land Rover Defender 110 HSE
  • Year of manufacture – 2022
  • Engine – L6, 3.0 biturbo petrol – 400 bhp / 550 Nm
  • 8-Speed automatic gearbox
  • Performance : 0-100 km/h in 6,1 s
  • Top speed : 191 km/h

After returning our beloved Jaguar F-Pace in June 2021, we need a replacement SUV, again capable of towing our trailer with the Morgan 3-Wheeler. Our first idea is to buy another Jaguar F-Pace, as the size of the vehicle was ideal for the two of us: not too big, and really sporty (despite being an SUV) with any of the six cylinders engines.

This time, the new Ingenium P400 is the preferred choice; a petrol in-line six cylinders engine, with an incredible amount of power – 400 bhp – and enough torque – 550 Nm – to pull the trailer.

But then Jaguar Land Rover tells us that they can’t order the F-Pace with this engine and, even worse, with the options we are asking for. Because of a tremendous Worldwide lack of microprocessors! Been the towing ball the most important one. If we are thinking about spending such a huge amount of money on a new car, we really want it configured our way… so, we decide to wait until we can buy the car we really want.

Then I started looking at other options outside the Jaguar Land Rover brand. After some test drives and visits to different dealers, the only real option is the smallest new Porsche Macan S. But again, Porsche tells us they can’t guarantee all the options because of the microprocessor’s crisis, and the delivery time is “undefined” but for sure longer than six months… So, we decide to keep waiting.

Then, end of January this year 2022, I go a Monday morning to collect our fabulous 1988 fully restored Range Rover Vogue SE, after its last revision before been sold. I get into the showroom, sit down with our nice friend and salesman Guillermo, and ask again about a new F-Pace with a six cylinders P400 engine. He tells me again that it’s still impossible to order the car we want, but then asks me if I mind about the size of the car. Well, it depends on the model, and the price, of course…

And then he shows me the beast. A brand-new white Land Rover Defender 110 with all the extras we want. Just arrived fresh from factory last Friday. The car was in the showroom just for few hours! And they already had calls from other dealer’s shops asking for it and offering a reserve.

With the HSE termination, black alloy 22” wheels, and a lot of gadgets and options, this humungous white beast, with its black leather interior, is really stunning. And of course, it has the towing options we need! I call Ana Maria and send her a few pictures. She loves it too! Guillermo puts a reservation for us, to avoid the car “flying away” before we send all the paperwork.

We come back the afternoon so she can see the car live too. Give all the paperwork, and the operation is fortunately approved really quick and easy. We have a new car!

The delivery takes a little longer than usual, as we ask for an extra option: the front and rear Land Rover dashcams. It’s a security item that I personally wanted. In Spain it’s still not mandatory, but the recording of the dashcams is already accepted as a proof in case you have a trial against another driver.

Three weeks after signing all the papers, the Land Rover is parked at home, aside our trailer with the 3-Wheeler.

Fantastic! We’re really happy with this super comfortable new machine! Now it’s time to enjoy it!

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