Briefings #3 – We order our 3-Wheeler!

So, we’ve been in Malvern, visiting the Morgan Motor Company, and we’ve driven the fabulous 3-Wheeler through the Malvern Hills.

It was sensational. Both AM and I are in love with the car. And with all that means being a Morgan owner.

Before our trip there, we sent to Mr. Mark Ledington, plenty of technical questions about the 3-Wheeler. As good sales manager, he sent us all the replies. And we had the occasion to spend some time with him at Malvern’s showroom, clarifying some points and having a deep look at the colours, leather trims and options available. Really kind man. As we said before, the whole team of the Morgan Motor Company is so kind!

But a handcrafted car is for sure peculiar. Therefore, we believe that, before acquiring such a car, we should know it more thoroughly. And there is no better place that a specific forum of owners and enthusiasts. So, beyond the information they gave us at the dealership, we’ve being gathering more information about the 3-Wheeler, reading and chatting with many other Morganeers on the forum Talk Morgan ( I highly recommend that forum if you’re thinking about buying a Morgan, or already have one! The level of expertise there is astonishing!

The first thing that attires our attention is the fabulous ambience of the forum. Despite being on an internet forum, there is not a single disrespectful post. In most forums and social networks, hidden behind the anonymity of a keyboard, some people don’t know how to behave. The Talk Morgan forum is a very nice exception. All threads, conversations, opinions, ideas, etc., without missing notes of good humor, are done in the utmost respect for others. As we thought, belonging to the Morgan community is belonging to a group of true gentlemen.

And secondly, we learn that the new 5-speeders are quite robust and reliable machines. With few problems easily solved in your own garage if you’re a good handyman and have the right tools.

AM and I are delighted.

5th of September, 2019: we order it! After nice discussions and ideas up and down about the colours, we go to the dealer in Madrid and place the order!

The Morgan Motor Company car configurator shows it like this
  • Morgan Sport Green
  • Dark Brown leather, quilted
  • New dashboard design with Tawny wooden panel
  • Centre stripe decal in white
  • Union Jack Bonnet badges
  • Danger afterburn stickers in white
  • RAF inspired MOG logo decal
  • Heated seats
  • EU3 appearance pack.
  • Headlight mesh
  • Luggage rack
  • Rear mudguard

We can’t be more excited! The car is scheduled to enter production mid-October 2019!

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