Fighters and bombers #4 – The Range Rover

  • Model – Range Rover Vogue SE
  • Year of manufacture – 1988
  • Engine – V8, 3.5 l EFI petrol – 163 bhp / 279 Nm
  • 4-Speed ZF automatic gearbox
  • Performance : 0-100 km/h in 12 s
  • Top speed : 170 km/h

The story of this “bomber” is a nice one! How did we ended up owning a 1988 Range Rover? Well, this car was purchased by a family of friends in 1988. By then, a Range Rover Vogue SE with the V8 3.5 l EFI petrol engine and the 4-Speed automatic ZF gearbox was the summit of the 4×4.

Beautiful 4×4 beast

Ana Maria came to Madrid in 1998 to do a master’s degree. Coming from Guatemala, she was used to drive large 4×4 cars, American style, so when she was offered by these friends to buy their Range Rover in 2001 she thought it was a nice opportunity. It was never used off-road, and as Madrid is such a dry area the car was neat with zero rust. It was in excellent conditions. And driving such a huge 4×4 in the busy city of Madrid – huge for us, remember this is Europe – was comfortable for her.

Few years later we got married, and the Range Rover stayed with us until today. For years, we didn’t use it on a daily basis, but it was always there in the garage, ready to roar every time we needed it.

It was in 2018 that we decided to do something. We couldn’t keep this big car in the garage and just let it get older without some special care. As these classic Range Rovers are more and more appreciated, we took the big decision to restore it. And it was a full restoration. New leather upholstery, body, engine, etc. Look how it shines today!

The interior was totally renewed with excellent Nappa leather.
The wood is a real massive piece!
During the restoration we paid special attention to all details.

This “bomber” is now looking pristine again and runs smoother than ever.

Shining like new! Who would say it has now 32 years?

We love it, and we believe it’s a great value vintage car. However, as we don’t use it that much anymore, we decided to put it for sale. Anyone interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!

SOLD! Our beloved beautiful Range Rover was sold in February 2022 to a very nice chap from Denmark. We’re sure he will enjoy it as much as we did. We met in Copenhagen for New Year’s Eve 2021-22, and we are really happy to know he’s the one keeping that fantastic car.

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