Briefings #4 – Our M3W is here!

December, 2019

The last weekend of November is a very important date for us. Our freshly restored 1988 Range Rover Vogue is exposed at Retromovil – the classic motor show in Madrid – with a very interesting neighbor. A nice Morgan 4/4! Coincidence or premonition?

Nice neighbors!

Morgan’s dealer in Madrid took a new +4 and the grey-orange 3-Wheeler to the show. The afternoon of the second day they have to surround the 3-Wheeler with ribbon-posts, to avoid all curious assistants to leave more fingerprints all over it!

The show is full of really beautiful cars. It’s true that Retromovil is not as important and interesting as other European classic cars’ show, but it’s still worthy to be here!

Aston Martins are always beautiful!
Really beautiful!
Nice Jags at the show too!
I always loved the big old Jags! This restored MKIX reminds me of my grandfather’s MKVII
Impressive wood dashboard in this MKIX

Sunday, December the 1st, last day of the show, I take our beautiful Range Rover back home. It was highly admired and cheered, as the restoration is truly fantastic; but we were not lucky selling it.

3rd of December, 2019: in the morning we go to the Morgan’s dealer showroom, just to ask about our 3-Wheeler, as it should be on its way to Madrid. They tell us that it left the United Kingdom few days ago, but they really don’t know when it’s scheduled to arrive to Madrid. We keep eating our nails.

And suddenly, just half an hour after leaving the dealer’s showroom, they call us back: they’re unloading it from the truck!

We jump back in our car and get there as fast as possible.

Here it is!

Here it is…. Beautiful, elegant, classic British green and superb dark brown colour quilted leather. We’re drooling.

Beautiful from every angle!
The two beauties!

And now? We must wait for all the paperwork to be done! Import, MOT procedures to get the circulation permit, etc.

But we leave for holidays in a couple of weeks!

Unfortunately, the bureaucracy won’t be fast enough, and we’ll have to wait to our return in January to drive the beauty!

At least one more month gnawing our nails!

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