Fighters and bombers #3 – The Jaguar F-Pace

  • Model – Jaguar F-Pace S
  • Year of manufacture – 2016
  • Engine – V6, 3.0 l biturbo diesel – 300 bhp / 700 Nm
  • 8-Speed automatic gearbox
  • Performance : 0-100 km/h in 6,4 s
  • Top speed : 241 km/h

Since June 2016, our day-to-day car is the Jaguar F-Pace. We changed from the classic sedan (the Jaguar XJ) to the SUV concept looking for practicability.

We looked for a car with a large boot, 4×4 if possible, and that could be equipped with a towing ball.

Coming from a Jaguar XJ, and being extremely satisfied with the brand, we thought of the F-Pace as a natural successor for the XJ.

So, the brand-new F-Pace was our choice. In Dark Sapphire Blue and Brogue leather interior with satin Burl Ash wood trim.

We heavily equipped this machine, with 22” rims, sunroof, heated and ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, memory pack, adaptive cruise control, blind spot assist, high-speed emergency braking, 360º surround cameras, park assist, head-up display and all the possible gadgets on the list. The result is a super-fast “bomber” excellent for long distance journeys. And its incredible torque and power makes it an excellent partner for towing the trailer with the 3-Wheeler in it.

Since June 2016 that the F-Pace “bomber” was delivered, until the day we’re writing these lines (August 2020) we never had a single problem with this car. Still extremely satisfied with Jaguar!

NO MORE WITH US! As the renting contract ended in June 2021, we sadly returned our fantastic Jaguar F-Pace to the renting company. They asked too much money for it if we wanted to keep it, been five years old. So, despite it has less than 50.000 km, and looking like new, we decided to say goodbye and open the slot for a new “bomber”.

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